Friday, July 17, 2009

It's Friday ~ It's Chocolate ~ and It's Free!

Alas, I have accepted that my Summer schedule does not allow me the frivolity of languishing at the computer and blogging. I will have to be content with just accomplishing a few necessities such as email and facebook. I also have the date circled on my calendar whence I will reclaim ME time - Don't get me wrong - I adore my children, but I also adore peace and quiet!
This is where the chocolate comes in. I recently discovered that you can actually receive the blissful stuff via the mail....for free. Yep. Just go to on Fridays. 9 a.m. EST and sign yourself up. Pick your favorite and know that it will be shipping to your box. You can use up to 4 emails per household so recruit your husband and any children you wish to share said chocolate with - Me? I am saving this one all for myself.
Bon Appetit!
Preppy Girl

Monday, July 6, 2009

Sometimes You Just Want To Only Read The Blogs.....

I love Blogs. I have them marked in my Google Reader....and also on my ITouch.....because some blogs NEED to be viewed in full with the pictures accompanying the posts. However, I have clicked off a many a blog because of all the clutter/ads/boxes...They drive me nuts!

I am so happy to have discovered this site.

This site allows you to type in any web address and it brings it up without all the annoying boxes, ads and clutter that get me into such a tizzy. It only has one drawback and that is the links that are clickable will also only bring up the bare minimum. But, if it is reading you want this is the site for you!

I love it when I find such simple things to make life easier, don't you?

Happy Blog Reading!
Preppy Girl