Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Never show your Chips...

The average southern girl goes to the spa for a manicure at an early age. I have taken mine with me in a stroller. Usually about age 3, southern girls ask to have their nails done, too. And, an obsession is born. Yes, there are periods of rebellion as the tween years progress, but by the beginning of the teen years, it is a necessity to have the all important manicure. There are rules for this, also. It's all about the pinks....the occasional red is permitted but for the most part, any shade of pink will do. Geranium, Poppy, Coral...to the range of Cotton Candy and Pink Lemonade....To pick the perfect color, a good Southern girl uses these time tested Southern influences to gauge the color. Never will you see a true southern princess flashing shades of night or blood on her lily white fingers....Cuticles matter so even if using fakes (gasp, but it happens) you should always ask for a manicure before any nailwork. We happen to believe that any polish will do when a weekly appointment is part of the schedule, but abhor anything that costs less than 5.00....Enjoy our Picks for the preppiest polish...because Summer is headed our way!

Shag on,
Preppy Girl

Sephora for OPI - Be sure to become a Beauty Insider to get points and extra samples. The color is "It's All About me" and Southern Girls live by this mantra!

Essie is a Name that sounds Southern Girl friendly and the colors have staying power! The name is "Anniversary Gala" and we know a thing or 2 about Galas!

Maybe we just like the name, but the color is so fresh! "Pink Chocolate" by Orly

Southern Girls turn to a good thing when it matters....Chanel Color "Organdy"

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Preppy Southern Girl on the Move

So, it is true.....Southern girls do not sit around and eat bon-bons all day...if you like my wisdom and musings, then by all means tag along..or follow along on Twitter! Click Here to follow me.....and search for Southern Prep and join up! I promise to post from wherever I go and you never know you might something cute just by living vicariously through me....
Shag on,
Preppy Girl

Friday, March 27, 2009

The First of Many Monogram Posts

What can I say? I feel so bold as to state that monograms must have been invented by a Southern girl. At any rate, true southern women and the men who love them fully understand that anything that can be monogrammed must be monogrammed. Triple full monograms are best, but if you must cheat and use one initial (permitted when space is an issue) at least make the effort. I personally follow a few rules for monogramming myself. They are: in no particular order:

1. Middle initial should be the Last Name and larger than the side initials.
2. For personal items, that person's own initials should be used.
3. For household items, the head of the household should be used. For instance, if Muffy Anne Edwards is married to Jeffrey Allen Edwards then the monogram would be JEA for all household places such as the guest bathroom. I know, but get over it.

4. Monograms on towels have a definite measurement for placement they should follow. You can read all about it here. My pet peeve was realized when I took towels to a small town monogram shop and they did the initials between the border and not above it ...ugh....if you are going to monogram it, at least do it right.
5. Script for girls and Block for boys...nuff said.
6. Repeating: Single initials are not Southern, but are at times necessary.
Like I said, this is the first of many posts on monograms, but I am going to put a few of my favorite links here......I would be remiss if I didn't state that I completely miss my monogrammed Pappagallo Espedrilles....and while I was thrilled to see the Pappagallo shop in Atlanta remains open, they don't carry them anymore. Boy, are they missing out on sales!

If you have time, check these out!

Shag on,
Preppy Girl

This company will be one I will be mentioning again soon, but I love these plates!

Of course, every southern girl has her own set - and should have several sets - of monogram stationery and matching labels!

I love this site - it is always full of new stuff!

Lastly, This is as close I can get to my espedrilles - but they are cute!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Taking It To The Extreme

As a child I was exposed to Sweet Tea at a very early age....My own children were allowed to drink it out of the bottle. It was just the drink of choice and we didn't think twice about it. Travels across the USA contributed to our lust for the stuff after we discovered that outside of the core Southern states, Sweet Tea is just not offered. Try to order one and you are met with a pursed forehead and a bewildered look. You learned to doctor it up a bit, but it doesn't come close to the real thing even if it works to satisfy the need to wash food down while on the road.....Fast forward to adulthood and the latest "twist" on Sweet Tea. Some ingenious folks in South Carolina have created a Sweet Tea flavored Vodka and it is sweeping through our young adults like crazy. I was skeptical at first, but one taste of the stuff and we were hooked! Add a lemon and lemonade and Shucks, it's a new Southern favorite! We even found one recipe that included Mojito Mint syrup as well. That is enough to make you pull out your Madras Shorts and shag. No doubt it will find it's way onto many a menu for the required Southern gathering be it morning or night. Right up there with Mimosas, Magnolias and such. I will be raising my glass like the true Southern girl I am. Cheers!
Shag On,
Preppy Girl

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Something Southern and Proper

Today I dropped by a trunk show hosted by Southern Proper. It was more fun than a tea party....The girls and I just clicked right off the bat! Even if I was just buying for my boys, I had a blast! This company makes me smile....something about that cotton...It is such fun to watch this company grow.....if you don't know about them, please visit their website to learn more...it's a fun story and if you have boys, you must go shopping. They are also just beginning to add some girl products for the preppy in you with adorable fitted polos and headbands (hello, Muffy!) and I LOVE their new tee shirts appropriately named Sweet Tees - now that is Southern!
Shag on,
Preppy Girl

Welcome to My World!

Yes, I have a lot to say! First off, an introduction. I am southern born, bred, raised, educated, married and loyal. I have an affinity for all things about the South and will use this forum to sing their praises. I don't wear white after Labor Day or before Easter. I still respect my elders. I believe tea should be served cold, sweet and with a fresh mint leaf. Though, it sure does taste good with a lil orange juice added. I believe the minimal Birthday celebration should be 3 days, and that Holidays should be topped off with parties and loads of decorations. Food should be served in courses and on good china with cotton napkins. Monograms are a must.
I hope you will find both amusement and admiration as we visit together....and perhaps the occasional must have product as I review them. Now, sit back and watch the fun begin!
Shag on,
Preppy Girl