Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Having a Wild Time.....

I found this store/site while on a Las Vegas getaway... Amen Wardy... and have come back again and again! What first attracted me is their amazing fruit (later post) that looks so real its freaky! They have much more of a selection instore than on the web. My secret go-to for fun plates and table settings is this site. They especially go hog wild at holidays but I am planning a small get-together in a few weeks and this is what I am going to use! My theme is really Brown and Pink, but I am always attracted to Zebra Print.....It makes me feel both wild and girly at the same time. Never used Square Plates? Once you do, you will never go round again!

Preppy Girl

I couldn't decide which ones I liked the best.....I ended up going with these because they matched my DR better! This site is too de jour for extravagant but affordable little luxuries....www.amenwardy.com

This was my second choice, and one I will use by the pool this summer. I bought them anyway and will hang on to them!! Easy to pick up some solid color cups and accessories to tie it all together!

I went with these to match the Brown Zebra plates. Mismatch/Match. I like it!

This is the invitation I am using. Cat did it for me to match with Brown and Pink! Came with round matchy address labels.

I love the idea of this series. It is so fun and makes an adorable gift!

and after it's all over, refuel with this adorable chillable mask...Sweet Dreams!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Let Them Eat Cake...or Chips

THE Birthday party for preppy daughter is not for 3 more months, but the planning is already underway. I am working on the custom cake and found the perfect plate for her cake! I love this because it can also be used for chips - I, being Southern, always offer some sort of munchies to even the most casual of guests who drop by...and manners demand that Chip Bags should NOT be seen or heard.....This is one of my bookmarked monogram sites that I love to browse. Hope you like it, too!

Shag on,
Preppy Girl

LOVE the versatility of this set!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cookies That Talk....

I love it when I can say what I mean without uttering a word. You know. Those Chanel shoes on your feet with their fabulous interlocking logo.....or the car you drive....Hidalgo Rings stacked on my right hand.....Things that say S.N.O.B. (Southern, Not a Bitch) and I have long been noticed and gossiped about.....my Cookies. I have been a fan of Eleni's Cookies long before the public could order them via Neiman Marcus catalog....and when I find substitutes that cost a fraction of my go to source...well, that just fits in with my life right now. Keeping up appearances on less. A few of these can be ordered in only quantities you need which saves money. Others, well....keeping up with my image IS important...and splurging on OOAK is necessary when striving for impression.
Tis the season around my house for cookie time. Teacher Gifts. Mother's Day. Graduation. Sorority Teas. There is a cookie for every need.
Below are a few of my sources. Everyone needs a little sweet in their life. You get all the credit. Without the work.

Shag on,
Preppy Girl

Everything about this Etsy store is adorable! Her cookies are devine and so carefully decorated that the price makes these a steal! Visit Cakeboxcookies for your sweet fill!

Can we say ORGANIC?? LOVE, LOVE the whole concept and the numerous design options make it hard to pick your favorite! I am loving these Pink Girly Grad cookies! Check out Beautiful Sweets for more!

Love the pink dresses and think they would be adorable with the Bride and Groom cookies below! In this shop you will also see these intricate roses! Visit MariaElenaEvents on Etsy!

Sunflower Baking Company is the first time I ventured out of my box for a substitute and I wasn't disappointed! I am a huge fan of the Martini Cookies as well! There are too many cute cookies here to list. Check the site out!

I would be remiss if I didn't post these adorable ideas for cookie serving!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Girl's Big Day.....Part 1

Weddings are a big deal to all girls ~ Suddenly, you're it. You win the prize and the flurry of attention begins. Your mommy's best friends all vy for the opportunity to fete you with every theme shower imaginable.....and it's a contest to just keep your manners intact when every one has an opinion on how to have the perfect wedding. (I can think of a million blog posts coming on this theme).

I am known for my notebook. My wedding notebook, that is. Oh, I am married - happily for several years, but still I add to my wedding notebook....One day, my preppy daughter will meet her preppy husband and have the preppy wedding. I must be ready.

I love old fabrics. The new fabrics just don't have that comfy, well spoken feel of an elegant wedding. They come close, but nothing beats tried and true. Peau de Soie, Alencon Lace, Organza, Tulle, Battenburg Lace, and the words that stir my heart: Dupioni Silk. and Tatted anything. What is Tatting? It's an old process of hands on creation with lace. My mother could do it. I am now appreciative and missed the moment to say so purely because I knew not.

If you are lucky enough to covet your mother's dress, congratulations. If not, then the search for the old begins. Someone else's memories to accompany you down the aisle just ties it all in nicely. If not the dress, the the handkerchief, the coin in the shoe, the pillows and baskets. Thank you eBay and Etsy for vintage finds. Personally, I also love Beverly Bremer's store in Buckhead and Mirror Lake Antiques in Highlands, NC for fabulous finds in this department. Thrift shops should also not be ignored, though I go in heavy disguise when I frequent these places. Just something about it makes me feel like the topic at a morning coffee/gossip girl's gathering. Did you see Preppy Girl in the Thrift shop? OMG, do you think they are having money problems? Anyhoo, it's definitely underrated. Yes, Yes, I know it is being touted as "It's All That" with the recession and all....but at least I am honest!

I have a few things to spotlight. I LOVE LOVE the sew in label for the wedding dress. My own dress is hand sewn with impeccable lettering, but finding someone capable is becoming almost impossible. I still have the lace covered Flower Girl basket my sister made....and the ring bearer pillow crafted with fabric from my Grandmother's dress (Southern women NEVER throw their dress away and even when penniless you never consider selling it - and of course it is carefully preserved in a sealed albeit monogrammed wedding dress box) - I have a true sixpence tucked away in my jewelry box for my daughter's big day. So many details - see why you need to plan even if you have no husband in sight?

If you have a story to tell about your own vintage find or keepsake from your wedding day, I would love to hear it (and so would my readers, natch)

Enjoy....and Shag On,

Preppy Girl

Love the entire thought of this idea - Wonderfully monogrammed label to sew in your wedding dress. This seller also has other label options - Found this beautiful monogram pillow - a fabulous everyday addition to satisfy your linen craving.....Be sure to browse through her shop on Etsy!

I love the entire idea behind this pillow - it has so many elements: Alencon Lace, Dupioni Silk, Organza, Pearls, Swarovski, Rosette, Mother of Pearl - all in one pillow. This is the ultimate Ring Bearer Pillow!

Dupioni Silk Flower Girl Basket. Nuff said.

Sign me Up for the simple and chic Guest Book! Hand Stitched Lace and I adore the option for unlilned pages. Very classy. Check out Daisyblu's shop here!

Tatting. What your grandmother did. My mother did it. I do not. Not sure how I missed out on that talent, but at least you can still buy it!

Something Old AND Something Blue And it's Monogrammed. Admire. Buy.

The Lush Dupioni Silk covering this pillow is richly embroidered. Tie one on and cherish forever.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Recessionista Crafty Chick

I purchased a gorgeous wreath about 5 years ago for my front door - I switch my wreaths according to the season - or month of the year it seems since I switch so often. The Summer wreath saw it's last Summer last year. I also paid 300.00 for it. Like everyone else these days, I don't have 300.00 this year! So, I took myself to Michael's and purchased my own stuff. Then, I ripped all the old decor off of the grapevine wreath and started gluing with the glue gun. I used to do a lot more of this type of stuff before I had children. So, it was either no wreath or see what I could do. I had 2 coupons at Michael's - and the sales clerk took mercy on me and let me check out twice - so I got 40% off the leaves bundle and 25% off the rest of my stuff. It came to 55.00. (I know, I have expensive taste)I was pretty pleased with everything EXCEPT the bow - and I guess I will have to pay about 20.00 for a bigger and nicer bow. But, even so, it will still be cheaper than the one I lusted over last week for 450.00. Thank you, Obama.
Just a quick unofficial note about the history of wreaths in the South. Everybody who is truly southern has them. A hundred years ago they stood for something: like a death in the house, or a house with a quarantine patient in them. I wasn't around then, but I bet that the Southern Chicks were the ones who grew tired of such morbid symbols and decided to make them happy.....Thus, I gladly succumb to the tradition....And, I change them to suit the theme of the moment. I have tied wine glasses on them for cocktail parties and party favors for Birthday Parties. For themed birthday's, we have had farm wreaths, ballet wreaths....you get the picture.
I hope you like my colors. I went for the flame color that Summer makes me think of.(at least one color scheme it brings to mind...but that is another post). I also have an obsession with Lemons.
Shag on,
Preppy Girl

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Never Go Empty Handed

I know I say it all the time but it's true. Manners matter. Southern kindness goes everywhere but especially when going to someone's home for an event or overnight, you should always come bearing gifts. Not huge wrapped presents, but small thoughtful gifts suitable for the occasion. Wine for a dinner party, Coasters or Napkins for a cocktail party (Order monogrammed ones as soon as you receive the invitation!) and just about any sweet momento for an overnight. Case in point. My dear son's darling girlfriend has been to our home twice....the first time she brought some lovely monogrammed soap and napkins....so the second time, a gift was really not necessary but being the true Southern Girl that she is, she brought yummy edible goodies! I simply have to share with you the website because the presentation was over the top! This is something you, too, can do on your own with any store bought bread or cake. The cookies from Edgars Bakery were devine but the Strawberry Poundcake stole my heart with it's adorable Birdy Dish Towel wrap. The bakery has a website http://www.edgarsbakery.com/ and there you can peruse all the mouth watering offerings - they have pictures to further entice you - and there is a wonderful Cake Book you can order as well!! So, even if Bible Study is the only gathering you have coming up, your friends will love you when you arrive with something this cute!

Shag on,

Preppy Girl

Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Girl's Gotta Eat....so why not make it cute?

I have an obsession with pottery. The cuter the better. One of my favorite browsing sites is Etsy and one of my favorite things to look for is hand painting! I always look for big bowls , they are the hardest to find. Mugs and Glassware seem to be the most prevalent. The fact that most of my finds on Etsy with a monogam option makes it more appealing to my Southern side. Perhaps if you have some extra time on your hands you can peruse these adorable Etsy shops, too. I know the Masters will be on the Screen at my house and I will be happy as a lark on my laptop....Presence is the greatest gift, right? There I will be right next to hubby, but having my own private shopping binge! Here are my top 3 finds for this morning!

Shag on,
Preppy Girl

Check out this fun bowl! This would make a fun Teacher Gift filled with Pasta Goodies!

This sweet Cupcake Platter is so cute - and so is everything else in Nicole's shop - she is a fellow Southern Chick - Check out her Etsy store for some adorable OOAK gifts!

I stumbled across this Platter and have just emailed the designer to find out more about it - I think it will end up in my cart - The colors match my family room perfectly! She has several unique Platters but the monogram spoke to me!

UPDATE: 4/20/2009
I bought this platter yesterday! I can't wait to get it - had trouble deciding between the artichoke and my initial - the initial won! I decided to go for my first name initial T for Tricia - will post a picture here as soon as it arrives - but I think it will be a couple of weeks before I get it!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

"Mint" to Be....

It's Spring in the South and you can tell it! Dogwoods are right on time sprouting their 4 points just in time for Easter...which they always do...amazing isn't it? Easter comes early, they blossom early....Easter arrives later....so do the blooms on a Dogwood tree...But, another sure sign of Spring in a Southern Girl's home is the arrival of the small clay pots containing the Peppermint Plant. Every Southern Chick knows that the perfect glass of Iced Tea or Punch....and the rite of passage Chicken Salad and Orange Fluff Plate is adorned with a fresh Peppermint leaf. This wonderful plant is super easy to grow, but it likes to take over it's surroundings so it is best in it's own lil pot. You can find sproutlings in your local nursery right about now so put your car in drive and get there! Once your plant is flourishing....around the middle of May, you can pinch off a leaf, wash gently and use as an adornment...or place in your Sun Tea(more about that later)....The leaf can also be gently chewed to obtain the fresh menthol contained in the plant....About as southern as you can get.....it's Mint to be on your best China or in your finest Waterford!

Shag on,
Preppy Girl