Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Backup to Prep Work

I failed to mention what should happen to your face before you paint anything on it. Prep Work aka Exfoliating. Which, by the way is a frightening word to me. Did you know you could do major damage to your face by doing this? I learned the hard way and only laser treatment fixed it. I'm talking broken capillaries which result in bloody tiny fissure veins on your face. Mine occurred on the fatty part of the cheeks which is where I attacked - um, began with the exfoliator. Any exfoliator that is gritty will do it - so beware!
I still do it, though. I am just smarter. You can exfoliate without the harshness. I prefer to make this a twice weekly step between shampoo and conditioner. I shave, wash, meditate, etc. while it is doing it's thang. Your skin will love you, I promise and you will be rewarded by smooth clear skin.
There are a lot of choices so I am just going to list them. They do have particles in them but they are of a powder constancy rather than a concrete one. I use different ones so that my face doesn't develop an immunity to a certain one.

Happy Makeup!
Preppy Girl

1. My Favorite: YSL Top Secrets Exfoliator. It's magic and I have used it for about 10 years now.

2. Amore Pacific Enzyme Peel - it isn't really a peel but you will feel like you did one anyway.

3. Dermatologica - This one is so mild you can use it daily

Don't forget your MASKS!

1. Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Mask - OMG - I cannot say enough about this mask  - it is my favorite and I highly recommend it for both a hangover or sunburn and you will be ADDICTED to how it makes your face feel. Nuf said!

2. Chantecaille - Every one of their masks are simply amazing. I use the Healing, Acid and Detox masks.

3. If you have acne, here is your mask!

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