Thursday, April 4, 2013

Make Your Makeup Pallet

I always find it amusing that my daughter continuously asks me when I'm going to stop wearing so much makeup while every other female I encounter complements me and asks how I do it. I don't go out in public if I can help it without full makeup including eyelashes. My motto is simple. I never know who I might see and we all know that the ONE time I do, I will run into said people. Some of whom I absolutely MUST drive crazy if possible.

This post is the basis of my makeup. It literally takes me at least 45 minutes and usually a full hour to do my face. Every. Day. It's a process. And, I don't believe in paint, so it all has to breathe or else you'll have real skin problems. I'm also highly allergic to some weird ingredient called Quaternium. Basically, this an animal fat that only American manufacturers use. I stay with plant extract products or anything manufactured in Europe, which bans it. Some trial and error so everything's not so crazy expensive. I admit it. I'm a makeup whore with a drawer full of samples. Sephora is my friend. and I go to Neimans for the good stuff

Step 1: CLEAN skin. I start with one of two products. I switch around so my skin doesn't becme immune to one product. At the moment, I start with Omorovicza. I use the Rose Lifting Serum on my forehead and either their Skin Renewal Serum or Illuminating Moisturizer or Radiance Renewal Serum on the rest of my face. I am obsessed with this brand. EVERYTHING works and us amazing. Worth the splurge. It will dry pretty quick and this is followed up by a good moisturizer like Korres Wild Rose Vitamin C cream. In the Summer I tend to go lighter with YSL's Hydra Water Gel. I follow this with Makeup For Ever Pink Primer. This sets all the goodness into your skin and creates a smooth basis for your foundation. LET THIS ALL DRY.

Before I "foundate", I cover. I use Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer. I dab it on one cheek and blend. Covering like a foundation. This stuff will cover anything. Redness, acne, age spots. Poof! I dab a tad under my eyebrows to even out the sallow eye. If I need a pick me up I use Trish McEvoy's Eye Base under my eyes. Repeat for the other side of your face. Make sure to blend down towards the beck and be careful around your hairline. Use fingertips to carefully blend towards the hairline, but not into it.

Now "foundate" again, I flip between two. For brightness and fresh, I use Revlon PhotoReady Mousse. It's light and a little goes a long way. I have it in 3 different colors depending on the illumination I want which varies according to the time of say. A tiny dab on each cheek, chin and forehead and lightly blend. OR, if want to be a little bronzed, I use Omorovicza Bronzer called Sunkiss.

Finally, I set it with loose powder. I like an illuminating powder but makeup companies create and delete his stuff all the time. Right now, I blended Laura Mercier Translucent Powder with Chantecaille Gold Dust Powder. With a big, fat round brush I powder my face. You will want the biggest, fattest brush head you can find. Sadly, the one I use has been dicontinued. I usually just grab one at the local drugstore.

This whole process only takes about 15 minutes. The key is patience to let each step dry before proceeding. But, it's worth it because my makeup doesn't move all day. With the exception of what I call the muzzle. I usually have to redo the area from the bottom of my nose to my chin in an upside down triangle.

Holla if you need any tips. More posts to come. Next up: The Eyes are the Window to Your Soul

Preppy Girl

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