Thursday, March 26, 2009

Taking It To The Extreme

As a child I was exposed to Sweet Tea at a very early age....My own children were allowed to drink it out of the bottle. It was just the drink of choice and we didn't think twice about it. Travels across the USA contributed to our lust for the stuff after we discovered that outside of the core Southern states, Sweet Tea is just not offered. Try to order one and you are met with a pursed forehead and a bewildered look. You learned to doctor it up a bit, but it doesn't come close to the real thing even if it works to satisfy the need to wash food down while on the road.....Fast forward to adulthood and the latest "twist" on Sweet Tea. Some ingenious folks in South Carolina have created a Sweet Tea flavored Vodka and it is sweeping through our young adults like crazy. I was skeptical at first, but one taste of the stuff and we were hooked! Add a lemon and lemonade and Shucks, it's a new Southern favorite! We even found one recipe that included Mojito Mint syrup as well. That is enough to make you pull out your Madras Shorts and shag. No doubt it will find it's way onto many a menu for the required Southern gathering be it morning or night. Right up there with Mimosas, Magnolias and such. I will be raising my glass like the true Southern girl I am. Cheers!
Shag On,
Preppy Girl

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