Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Welcome to My World!

Yes, I have a lot to say! First off, an introduction. I am southern born, bred, raised, educated, married and loyal. I have an affinity for all things about the South and will use this forum to sing their praises. I don't wear white after Labor Day or before Easter. I still respect my elders. I believe tea should be served cold, sweet and with a fresh mint leaf. Though, it sure does taste good with a lil orange juice added. I believe the minimal Birthday celebration should be 3 days, and that Holidays should be topped off with parties and loads of decorations. Food should be served in courses and on good china with cotton napkins. Monograms are a must.
I hope you will find both amusement and admiration as we visit together....and perhaps the occasional must have product as I review them. Now, sit back and watch the fun begin!
Shag on,
Preppy Girl

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