Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Having a Wild Time.....

I found this store/site while on a Las Vegas getaway... Amen Wardy... and have come back again and again! What first attracted me is their amazing fruit (later post) that looks so real its freaky! They have much more of a selection instore than on the web. My secret go-to for fun plates and table settings is this site. They especially go hog wild at holidays but I am planning a small get-together in a few weeks and this is what I am going to use! My theme is really Brown and Pink, but I am always attracted to Zebra Print.....It makes me feel both wild and girly at the same time. Never used Square Plates? Once you do, you will never go round again!

Preppy Girl

I couldn't decide which ones I liked the best.....I ended up going with these because they matched my DR better! This site is too de jour for extravagant but affordable little luxuries....www.amenwardy.com

This was my second choice, and one I will use by the pool this summer. I bought them anyway and will hang on to them!! Easy to pick up some solid color cups and accessories to tie it all together!

I went with these to match the Brown Zebra plates. Mismatch/Match. I like it!

This is the invitation I am using. Cat did it for me to match with Brown and Pink! Came with round matchy address labels.

I love the idea of this series. It is so fun and makes an adorable gift!

and after it's all over, refuel with this adorable chillable mask...Sweet Dreams!

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