Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Girl's Big Day.....Part 1

Weddings are a big deal to all girls ~ Suddenly, you're it. You win the prize and the flurry of attention begins. Your mommy's best friends all vy for the opportunity to fete you with every theme shower imaginable.....and it's a contest to just keep your manners intact when every one has an opinion on how to have the perfect wedding. (I can think of a million blog posts coming on this theme).

I am known for my notebook. My wedding notebook, that is. Oh, I am married - happily for several years, but still I add to my wedding notebook....One day, my preppy daughter will meet her preppy husband and have the preppy wedding. I must be ready.

I love old fabrics. The new fabrics just don't have that comfy, well spoken feel of an elegant wedding. They come close, but nothing beats tried and true. Peau de Soie, Alencon Lace, Organza, Tulle, Battenburg Lace, and the words that stir my heart: Dupioni Silk. and Tatted anything. What is Tatting? It's an old process of hands on creation with lace. My mother could do it. I am now appreciative and missed the moment to say so purely because I knew not.

If you are lucky enough to covet your mother's dress, congratulations. If not, then the search for the old begins. Someone else's memories to accompany you down the aisle just ties it all in nicely. If not the dress, the the handkerchief, the coin in the shoe, the pillows and baskets. Thank you eBay and Etsy for vintage finds. Personally, I also love Beverly Bremer's store in Buckhead and Mirror Lake Antiques in Highlands, NC for fabulous finds in this department. Thrift shops should also not be ignored, though I go in heavy disguise when I frequent these places. Just something about it makes me feel like the topic at a morning coffee/gossip girl's gathering. Did you see Preppy Girl in the Thrift shop? OMG, do you think they are having money problems? Anyhoo, it's definitely underrated. Yes, Yes, I know it is being touted as "It's All That" with the recession and all....but at least I am honest!

I have a few things to spotlight. I LOVE LOVE the sew in label for the wedding dress. My own dress is hand sewn with impeccable lettering, but finding someone capable is becoming almost impossible. I still have the lace covered Flower Girl basket my sister made....and the ring bearer pillow crafted with fabric from my Grandmother's dress (Southern women NEVER throw their dress away and even when penniless you never consider selling it - and of course it is carefully preserved in a sealed albeit monogrammed wedding dress box) - I have a true sixpence tucked away in my jewelry box for my daughter's big day. So many details - see why you need to plan even if you have no husband in sight?

If you have a story to tell about your own vintage find or keepsake from your wedding day, I would love to hear it (and so would my readers, natch)

Enjoy....and Shag On,

Preppy Girl

Love the entire thought of this idea - Wonderfully monogrammed label to sew in your wedding dress. This seller also has other label options - Found this beautiful monogram pillow - a fabulous everyday addition to satisfy your linen craving.....Be sure to browse through her shop on Etsy!

I love the entire idea behind this pillow - it has so many elements: Alencon Lace, Dupioni Silk, Organza, Pearls, Swarovski, Rosette, Mother of Pearl - all in one pillow. This is the ultimate Ring Bearer Pillow!

Dupioni Silk Flower Girl Basket. Nuff said.

Sign me Up for the simple and chic Guest Book! Hand Stitched Lace and I adore the option for unlilned pages. Very classy. Check out Daisyblu's shop here!

Tatting. What your grandmother did. My mother did it. I do not. Not sure how I missed out on that talent, but at least you can still buy it!

Something Old AND Something Blue And it's Monogrammed. Admire. Buy.

The Lush Dupioni Silk covering this pillow is richly embroidered. Tie one on and cherish forever.

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