Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cookies That Talk....

I love it when I can say what I mean without uttering a word. You know. Those Chanel shoes on your feet with their fabulous interlocking logo.....or the car you drive....Hidalgo Rings stacked on my right hand.....Things that say S.N.O.B. (Southern, Not a Bitch) and I have long been noticed and gossiped Cookies. I have been a fan of Eleni's Cookies long before the public could order them via Neiman Marcus catalog....and when I find substitutes that cost a fraction of my go to source...well, that just fits in with my life right now. Keeping up appearances on less. A few of these can be ordered in only quantities you need which saves money. Others, well....keeping up with my image IS important...and splurging on OOAK is necessary when striving for impression.
Tis the season around my house for cookie time. Teacher Gifts. Mother's Day. Graduation. Sorority Teas. There is a cookie for every need.
Below are a few of my sources. Everyone needs a little sweet in their life. You get all the credit. Without the work.

Shag on,
Preppy Girl

Everything about this Etsy store is adorable! Her cookies are devine and so carefully decorated that the price makes these a steal! Visit Cakeboxcookies for your sweet fill!

Can we say ORGANIC?? LOVE, LOVE the whole concept and the numerous design options make it hard to pick your favorite! I am loving these Pink Girly Grad cookies! Check out Beautiful Sweets for more!

Love the pink dresses and think they would be adorable with the Bride and Groom cookies below! In this shop you will also see these intricate roses! Visit MariaElenaEvents on Etsy!

Sunflower Baking Company is the first time I ventured out of my box for a substitute and I wasn't disappointed! I am a huge fan of the Martini Cookies as well! There are too many cute cookies here to list. Check the site out!

I would be remiss if I didn't post these adorable ideas for cookie serving!

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  1. What are the links to locate such adorable serving pieces? Adding cookie sites to my favs.