Monday, April 20, 2009

Recessionista Crafty Chick

I purchased a gorgeous wreath about 5 years ago for my front door - I switch my wreaths according to the season - or month of the year it seems since I switch so often. The Summer wreath saw it's last Summer last year. I also paid 300.00 for it. Like everyone else these days, I don't have 300.00 this year! So, I took myself to Michael's and purchased my own stuff. Then, I ripped all the old decor off of the grapevine wreath and started gluing with the glue gun. I used to do a lot more of this type of stuff before I had children. So, it was either no wreath or see what I could do. I had 2 coupons at Michael's - and the sales clerk took mercy on me and let me check out twice - so I got 40% off the leaves bundle and 25% off the rest of my stuff. It came to 55.00. (I know, I have expensive taste)I was pretty pleased with everything EXCEPT the bow - and I guess I will have to pay about 20.00 for a bigger and nicer bow. But, even so, it will still be cheaper than the one I lusted over last week for 450.00. Thank you, Obama.
Just a quick unofficial note about the history of wreaths in the South. Everybody who is truly southern has them. A hundred years ago they stood for something: like a death in the house, or a house with a quarantine patient in them. I wasn't around then, but I bet that the Southern Chicks were the ones who grew tired of such morbid symbols and decided to make them happy.....Thus, I gladly succumb to the tradition....And, I change them to suit the theme of the moment. I have tied wine glasses on them for cocktail parties and party favors for Birthday Parties. For themed birthday's, we have had farm wreaths, ballet get the picture.
I hope you like my colors. I went for the flame color that Summer makes me think of.(at least one color scheme it brings to mind...but that is another post). I also have an obsession with Lemons.
Shag on,
Preppy Girl

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