Thursday, April 2, 2009

"Mint" to Be....

It's Spring in the South and you can tell it! Dogwoods are right on time sprouting their 4 points just in time for Easter...which they always do...amazing isn't it? Easter comes early, they blossom early....Easter arrives do the blooms on a Dogwood tree...But, another sure sign of Spring in a Southern Girl's home is the arrival of the small clay pots containing the Peppermint Plant. Every Southern Chick knows that the perfect glass of Iced Tea or Punch....and the rite of passage Chicken Salad and Orange Fluff Plate is adorned with a fresh Peppermint leaf. This wonderful plant is super easy to grow, but it likes to take over it's surroundings so it is best in it's own lil pot. You can find sproutlings in your local nursery right about now so put your car in drive and get there! Once your plant is flourishing....around the middle of May, you can pinch off a leaf, wash gently and use as an adornment...or place in your Sun Tea(more about that later)....The leaf can also be gently chewed to obtain the fresh menthol contained in the plant....About as southern as you can's Mint to be on your best China or in your finest Waterford!

Shag on,
Preppy Girl

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