Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Never Go Empty Handed

I know I say it all the time but it's true. Manners matter. Southern kindness goes everywhere but especially when going to someone's home for an event or overnight, you should always come bearing gifts. Not huge wrapped presents, but small thoughtful gifts suitable for the occasion. Wine for a dinner party, Coasters or Napkins for a cocktail party (Order monogrammed ones as soon as you receive the invitation!) and just about any sweet momento for an overnight. Case in point. My dear son's darling girlfriend has been to our home twice....the first time she brought some lovely monogrammed soap and napkins....so the second time, a gift was really not necessary but being the true Southern Girl that she is, she brought yummy edible goodies! I simply have to share with you the website because the presentation was over the top! This is something you, too, can do on your own with any store bought bread or cake. The cookies from Edgars Bakery were devine but the Strawberry Poundcake stole my heart with it's adorable Birdy Dish Towel wrap. The bakery has a website http://www.edgarsbakery.com/ and there you can peruse all the mouth watering offerings - they have pictures to further entice you - and there is a wonderful Cake Book you can order as well!! So, even if Bible Study is the only gathering you have coming up, your friends will love you when you arrive with something this cute!

Shag on,

Preppy Girl

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