Thursday, May 14, 2009

Disguised Cash....The Perfect Gift!

I now have 2 guys to buy Grad Gifts for. Why oh Why are guy gifts so hard? I COULD stick with the old cliche gifts....but I am not a cliche kind of chick. My gifts must be stand outs. Of course, what all grads really want is cash, but that would be tacky and way too easy. SO! I was thrilled to find these - Personalized Visa Cards. This way, I show that I spent at least 10 minutes thinking about the gift and didn't rely on the grocery store checkout line.....You can upload any image or text and personalize these babies....Loaded with your chosen amount from 20 - 500.00...Wrap it up and be remembered for giving the coolest gift!
Check it by CLICKING HERE!

Shaggin on a Thursday,
Preppy Girl

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