Wednesday, May 27, 2009

When More than a Dollar is Available....

Like any good quest, one must consider all price points. It is always a thrill to capture a bargain but the luxury of having more than just a few dollars to spend provides a completely different feeling of acquisition. Attention to detail paired with the right outfit can make a WOW statement. My little Starfish just might end up being the focal point of the week. There are 6 of us in the group and we have vowed to each purchase a different Starfish for our little "jewelry momento". I have drooled over more than one of these.....wonder which one will end up making it's way to my house?
Gonna be Shaggin' soon!
Preppy Girl

The soothing colors and textures of this foursome makes me instantly think of the ocean....Love it! It is by indivijewels on Etsy...I love the long chain (30 inches) and can picture it over a simple dress. It is 65.00 - Her shop is filled with intricate creations.

Can't you picture the shimmery reflection of the ocean in this piece? 24 inches of chain ending in pure delight! It is by lulidesigns. There are a few other Beachy items in her shop on Etsy. This necklace is 52.00.

Okay, I know....It is pricey at 172.00 but I kept coming back just to stare at it....Gorgeous. By AshaOcean and there are coordinating earrings available.

Of course, this is caught my eye because you can get it MONOGRAMMED!! It is by upmysleeveboutique and you will enjoy browsing in this shop. It's cool! The piece is 68.00.

Gold is making a comeback and I love the added Blue Goldstone. Ultra Chic. It is 95.00 and by HighSeasLA on Etsy. There are several Starfish to choose from in the shop.

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  1. What a wonderful collection of different starfish designs. They are all so unique! Thanks so much for including my necklace on your blog :)