Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Part 2: Girly Grad Gifts - A Picture Frozen in Time....

Any gift that speaks to a girl's narcissistic side will be a winner. Thus, Photo Holders are a sure bet for a grad gift! Albums, Memo Boards, Photo Trees, Frames.....and if you can place a picture on board, it's even better. If not, I like to print an inspirational saying to place in the frame or on the board....I am still on the hunt for the perfect gift for a few people and these are up on my list!
Preppy Girl

Cross-Stitching. Thank you, Mom! I learned at an early age - completed several projects and now I wonder why in the world I stopped? It was so addictive and I still have some of my projects around the house. Glad to see someone is still at it - I love this photo album and it would make a sweet gift! Visit her Etsy shop ForKeepsSake for more themes......wonder if she takes custom orders?

I like the sweet simplicity of this Memo Board but this cute shop has several to choose from - AND it's personalized! Visit Texas Susannie's Shop on Etsy!

I also love the simplicity of this board as well!

This site has Oodles and Oodles of Frames to choose from. I have learned from experience that frames inetended for Little Girls never go out of style when personalized for a big girl. And, if the girl goes Greek, it's that much better! Find your choice of frame HERE!

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