Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Part 1: Girly Grad Gifts...Frill Seekers...in the Pink!

My mailbox tells me it's that time again. The onslaught of Graduation Announcements has begun. A Southern Girl knows that B.) all announcements of any kind, shape, form or fashion must be acknowledged. And B.) Cash gifts may be desired, but are extraordinarily tacky unless the recipient is related to you in an immediate way. That leaves me holding on to my wallet with sweaty palms. However, cute gifts can be had if you just turn on the think switch. Here are a few things I am thinking of this year!
Shaggin in May,
Preppy Girl

The Monogram Flower Pot - However, I am not putting Flowers in it! I will head to my closest Walmart and purchase the pot and a can of Spray Paint (matching their future college color is cool) and order THIS MONOGRAM and voila! I am thinking of filling with the towels below for a total gift cost of about 20.00 - You can also fill with monogram note cards (thank yous - let's hope they know that hint-hint) Or, cute items that go with their future college which may be obtained pretty cheap - pencils, stickers, plastic cups, etc.

If your grad is a college grad, I am loving this Acrylic Tub with monogram - Fill with bubbly and it makes a great affordable gift! Get the Monogram! You can find the tub at The Container Store, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Target and Walmart has them out right now, too!

I love the bright color of this tote and it's 15.00 price is wonderful! Since it is already monogrammed, you can pick up a cute oversize or beach towel to stick in it! Add some tissue and voila! Check it out on Etsy!

These are the most affordable towels I have found! You can choose different fonts and colors. Great to put in a tote or the adorable Flower pot! Hello, eBay!

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  1. Thanks for the nice shoutout for my monogrammed decals. You can find them online at http://www.electrasmonograms.com/ Also, those eBay towels were a WONDERFUL find. I promptly ordered 4 sets for gifts coming up. Can't wait to receive them. Your blog rocks! I'll keep posted! Warmly, Electra