Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Radiance of Summer

It's here....and I can tell! One more full week of school left and the fun begins! My favorite thing about Summer is the fact that daylight lasts longer. That means I actually can dress it up and go out with hubby/friends and enjoy the sparkle of sun instead of running frigidly to the car just to have a little fun. I decided it was time for new makeup. Wandering into Neiman Marcus, I spotted a familiar logo. A bit confused at first, I took a look. Yes, it's true - My favorite jeans have a brand new relative! Rock and Republic now makes makeup! I am now the proud owner of this Blush! The name of my favorite color is exactly where I am in my marriage - when time allows....Seduce. Mommyhood is left at the door and I have already had several friends comment on my new "radiance" so I know it works. The colors in this line are extremely concentrated and the packaging is like a small gift box. Each time I use it feels like a treat just to open it. I played with the eye shadows a bit and have something to look forward to when my current supply runs out....
Shag on,
Preppy Girl

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